The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen
East OCT, Dameisha, Yantian district
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Devin Licastro (more shenzhen)
Whether you’re a short-term visitor or a long-term resident, Shenzhen’s fast-paced lifestyle can create a need to step away for some relaxation. The serene environment and soothing waters of the hot springs at the Interlaken OCT Hotel in Yantian provide just such an escape.

Not to be confused with Shenzhen’s Overseas Chinese Town, or OCT, neighborhood in Nanshan, the OCT International Hotel Management Co. operates several hotels across the city, including the European-style, Interlaken hotel and spa. It’s a bit of a trip out to Yantian, on the city’s eastern edge, but those who make the commute will be rewarded with Interlaken’s forested, natural setting.

The main feature of Interlaken’s spa is its numerous hot springs, in indoor and outdoor areas, accessible to visitors for 158RMB. The indoor atmosphere is very peaceful, with dimmed lights, large pools and multiple hot tubs of different shapes, sizes and temperatures. There are exercise water-bikes, massaging water jets, and a “fire and ice” pool for those seeking to test their tolerance.

But the forested, outdoor hot spring area is where Interlaken really shows its pristine beauty. The outdoor springs are scattered on an incline, offering increasingly stunning views as soakers climb to higher pools. Distant mountains, lush trees and the sounds of chirping birds mixed with soft background music, along with the warm, bubbling waters of the springs, create a blissful environment for the senses.
The outdoor pools each contain a unique feature, allowing visitors to soak in water containing everything from wine to coffee, fruit and Chinese herbs and teas. There’s also an enclosed, nude bathing area for those who want a fully natural experience.

Another amenity to experience is Interlaken’s array of saunas. Besides standard, wooden sauna rooms, the spa also has a sauna that releases an intoxicating vanilla smell into the air, another that fills with a thick medicinal fog containing Chinese medicine, another with an arctic ice theme, and others.

For those who really need to unwind, Interlaken also provides massages and treatments. Services range from basic, 108RMB foot massages to full, high-class therapies that can cost 6000RMB for 90 minutes. Apart from the massage area, the spa houses a comfortable internet lounge; game rooms for mah-jongg, checkers and chess; a huge snooker table; rooms for sitting down with hookahs; a dining area; a large movie theater; and a relaxation room for those who simply want to sit in a reclining chair and listen to soft music.

Spa meals cost 45 to 85RMB and include Chinese, Hong Kong and Western foods. The initial, 158RMB spa ticket includes a complimentary fruit plate.

The Interlaken OCT Hotel is part of the giant OCT East theme park, about an hour’s bus ride from Shenzhen’s center to Yantian. To reach the park, take one of many buses to the Dong Bu Hua Qiao Cheng, or OCT East, stop, near Dameisha. Follow signs to OCT East.

Inside the park entrance, after buying a ticket for the spa rather than for the entire OCT park, the 909 bus takes visitors near the top of a mountain near the Interlaken hotel. Walk down a bamboo path, just past a castle, toward the hotel and spa.

The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen
The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen