Awakening Vegetarian Restaurant
83, Tairan 4th Road, Futian
0755 8250 4570

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Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Vegetarian? In Shenzhen? Do not despair. Welcome to Awakening, where food is meatless, healthy, attractively displayed and served with beaming smiles.

Awakening is a small place with simple, unpretentious decoration, tucked away in Futian’s Che Gong Miao area. The restaurant also has a location in the Hu Qiang Bei Lu area. When a multinational bunch of 20 gastronomes went to check out the Che Gong Miao spot, the restaurant was very busy, with many diners coming from numerous office blocks in Futian’s Central Business District. In fact, the restaurant asked our large group to reserve a table after 1 p.m., so staff could better accommodate us after the lunch rush.

Awakening’s commitment to vegetarian cuisine and lifestyles even extends to its décor, which includes walls adorned with framed pictures of celebrities who have embraced the vegetarian way of life. For some reason, of all those on the wall, Brad Pitt is the only celebrity the girls in our group remembered later…

Awakening offers a buffet with dishes costing 4 to 10RMB. Help yourself to the different plates and start digging in straightaway, or try the a la carte menu, from which we recommend the fried mushrooms and dumplings. Lots of fresh vegetables are available and we particularly recommend the juécài (蕨菜), an edible wild vegetable rich in proteins and amino acids. Awakening’s food isn’t oily or salty and everything is very fresh and appetizing. We recommend finding time to check out this unusual little treasure in Shenzhen.
On the metro, take Exit D at the Che Gong Miao metro station and walk to Tairan 4th Road. Look for Hotel Terra, or Tairan Hotel. Awakening is on the left side of the hotel, in the same building.

Awakening Vegetarian Restaurant
Awakening Vegetarian Restaurant Awakening Vegetarian Restaurant