Punjabi Indian Cuisine
1006 Hubei Road, Jinhu Hotel basement, Luohu
0755 8219 1115

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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Punjabi Indian Cuisine is a great place for a tasty, spicy lunch or dinner in a friendly atmosphere amid a bustling hotel and commercial area in Luohu, on the city’s east side.

In the basement of the Jinhu Hotel, Punjabi Indian Cuisine’s Shenzhen location is one of seven restaurants across China for the Punjabi chain founded in Shanghai in 2000. The Shenzhen location has a calming interior with soft lighting, painted frescoes on the walls, and heavy tables beneath ornate, gazebo-style roofs.

But “calming” might not be a word to describe the food. “Invigorating” might be better, or “eye-opening,” or even “tongue-tingling,” to steal an adjective from the menu’s description of its masala papadams (12RMB), which are spiced lentil wafers.
Other small plates include subzi pakora (25RMB), or diced, mixed vegetables marinated in spices; and papri chaat (25RMB), or house-made biscuits topped with mint, yogurt and tamarind sauce.

When selecting an entrée, it could be a good idea at Punjabi to ask the staff for recommendations – they can select menu items based on the diner’s desired amount of spiciness. A zesty, medium-spice option is the chicken tikka masala (50RMB), barbecued and boneless chicken pieces served in a creamy, tomato-based sauce that kicks in slowly, inducing a light sweat by the end of the dish. Enjoy it with light steamed rice and buttery garlic nan (15RMB each) to counter the heat.
The dessert menu features malai kulfi (22RMB), or Indian ice cream with nuts and saffron; and gulab jamun (22RMB), a round sweet of deep-fried, milk-based khoya soaked in sugar syrup and served warm.

Tsing Tao (18RMB), Carlsberg and Heineken (20RMB each) are on the beer list and tropical cocktails – Singapore Sling, pina colada, planters’ punch – cost 50RMB. Wines, mostly Chinese, are available by the bottle (140 to 230RMB) or glass (40 to 60RMB).

On the metro, take the Shekou or Huanzhong lines to the Huangbeiling stop in Luohu. Take Exit A and walk straight ahead for about half a mile. Turn right onto Wenjin Zhong Lu at the first four-way intersection with a traffic light, then take the first left — also a busy, four-way stop — onto Hubei Lu. You’ll see the Jinhu Hotel, but don’t go in the lobby – Punjabi’s entrance is just down the sidewalk, along the side of the building facing Hubei Lu.

Punjabi Indian Cuisine
Punjabi Indian Cuisine Punjabi Indian Cuisine