Kamii Restaurant
3/F, Kingkey Banner Center, intersection of Bai Shi Lu and Shen Wan Yi Rd., Nanshan
南山路口白石路和申万宜路京基横幅中心3 / F
0755 8628 6060

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Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Kamii Japanese restaurants are very well known in China, with locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In Shenzhen, Kamii restaurants are a shopping center staple, found in Nanshan’s Kingkey Banner, Futian’s Central Walk and Luohu’s Kinglory Plaza.

Our international dining panel has visited the Central Walk and Kingkey Banner locations for lunch and dinner. Both restaurants have lovely, dark interiors and very soothing lighting. The Kingkey Banner Kamii has a beautiful, burbling fountain running along almost the entire length of the restaurant, adorned with luminous lanterns and a white statue of a meditating deity.

Kamii’s menus feature fixed price, eat-all-you-can options. Lunch can be had for 158 or 218RMB per person. The 158RMB price includes only select dishes, while for 218RMB there are no restrictions. Fixed-price dinners are available for 218RMB only. All dishes can be ordered repeatedly. The price includes drinks, with refills.
The cost is the first thing Kamii staff will tell diners who so much as poke a head near the entrance. Once agreed on the cost of dining, staff leads diners to a table.
The fixed-price menu has sushi, sashimi, teppenyaki and some hot pot options. Almost all items have pictures and everything is in English and Chinese. When ordering, remember to mention the amount of portions desired for each dish, otherwise, one serving is assumed.

Kamii is not a place to go for people in a tearing hurry. Rather, it’s a great place to go with time to relax, chat and sample the many dishes.

The Kingkey location is on the shopping center’s third floor.
On the metro, take the Shekou Line to the Hongshuwan station and use Exit D. Turn right upon leaving the station and walk about half a mile north, through OCT’s booming Mangrove residential areas. Dodge the salespeople handing out real estate fliers and look for the Kingkey center on the right.

Kamii Restaurant
Kamii Restaurant