Thai Amarin
G3, Taizi Square, Taizi Road, Shekou
0755 2685 2688
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I'm addicted (ChinaFoodie)
I get carry-out from Thai Amarin at least once a week. The salads are fantastic, especially when my kids are whining and I don't feel like cooking!

Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
It’s a great feeling to enter a new restaurant, look at a menu for the first time and strike gold with your order.

At Thai Amarin in Shekou’s Taizi Square, that feeling can happen with the Khao-Ob-Sapparod (65RMB), fried rice with prawn, squid, Chinese sausage, walnuts and dried pork garnish, served in a whole pineapple that adds sweet citrus to every bite.
With crisp cucumber and juicy tomato slices on the side, it’s a fantastic dish that bodes well for everything else on the menu.

Thai Amarin – which bills itself “The Taste of Thailand” – offers an ornate, distinctly Thai-feeling interior with subdued lighting and wood-heavy décor, across the street from Sea World Square. Its menu offers not only descriptions of items, but also florid paragraphs about what each course adds to a meal, the philosophy behind Thai cooking and more. The first-class food reflects that passion.

Appetizers include the Moo-Sarong (60RMB), or deep-fried pork mince balls wrapped in noodles. The Som-Tam-Thai (48RMB), offers green papaya salad with fresh prawns. For soup, try the spicy Kaeng-Liaang-Gai (60 or 160RMB, depending on size), with mixed vegetables and chicken.

Thai curries range from 60 to 65RMB and include Kaeng Phed Ped Yang, or roasted duck red curry with pineapple.

Thai Amarin also offers an ever-changing selection of specials, along with three-course, set lunch menus for 58RMB and three-course, set dinner menus for 79RMB.
When ordering, diners can request to have their dishes more or less spicy.
A steady stream of sit-down diners – primarily locals – and pop-in customers picking up take-out orders can be seen during a meal at the popular Thai Amarin.
They’re probably coming back for more of the Khao-Ob-Sapparod.

Thai Amarin
Thai Amarin