110-113 Haibin Commercial Center, Sea World, Shekou
0755 2680 8426

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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Go to Rasa-Sayang with a group and go hungry.
The Malaysian restaurant in Shekou’s Sea World Square has an extensive menu filled with meat, seafood, rice, curry and noodle dishes that are very shareable, begging to be sampled and passed around the table.

Keep a handkerchief or napkin handy, too. True to form for SE Asian cuisine, Rasa-Sayang’s spicy offerings – such as the incendiary tomato and papaya salad – can bring beads of sweat to your brow.

Other small plates include flaky vegetable samosas (38RMB); crisp rice cakes with coconut milk and minced pork (38RMB); and prawns salad (65RMB). The staple, charbroiled pork (38RMB) is tender and thinly sliced, with a ginger-hinted dipping sauce.

For curries, try the Thai green (60RMB) that’s deeply seasoned and an excellent pair for white rice and some of Rasa’s light nan. Seafood dishes include the flavorful sautéed squid with soy sauce (48RMB) and a deep-fried whole fish – choose pomfret or mandarin – with sweet and sour sauce (108RMB).

Desserts include a banana split (32RMB) – rarely seen on menus around Shenzhen – homemade sweet bean curd (32RMB) and grapefruit and sago in coconut milk (32RMB).

The eclectic drink selection includes nanyang milk tea (20RMB), sweet chrysanthemum water (25RMB), and a hearty bean jelly in coconut milk (25RMB), along with more simple teas, sodas and juices. Beer, bottled wine and cocktails also are available.

Rasa-Sayang opened in fall 2011 and has an airy, open feel to its interior, which features an intimate seating area in an ornate wooden gazebo. Outdoor seating also is available.

Find the restaurant toward the rear of Sea World Square on Shekou’s Taizi Road, next to Korea Dining and near the Italian-themed Grissini House.

Rasa-Sayang Rasa-Sayang