Malay Papa Asian Café
Shop 012, Level B2, King Glory Plaza, Remin S. Road, Luohu
0755 8261 1000

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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Malay Papa Asian Café is a fast-paced place, with cafeteria-style tables, frequent lines of people waiting to eat and a noisy location amid the throng of Luohu’s King Glory Plaza shopping center.

But despite the bustle, diners might want to take their time and eat slowly — scarfing down the restaurant’s spicy Malaysian and Southeast Asian cuisine can light a fire in the belly.

The Thai-style steamed rice with taro and shrimp (32RMB), for example, is served piping hot in a large steel bowl. With a tangy, spicy brown sauce and generous helpings of vegetables, the hearty dish is a meal all by itself – get ready for leftovers if you order it with something else.

But if you’re especially hungry or eating with a group, Malay Papa has plenty to offer. The tray of “appetizer assorted delights” (38RMB small, 70RMB large), includes shrimp cakes, fish cakes, spring rolls and thin, fatty slices of pork neck – it’s an indulgent plate of fried heaven. The accompanying sauce, tart, syrupy and red with visible chunks of floating peppers, looks and tastes like a little bowl of flames.
Main courses include an array of rice, noodle, meat and seafood dishes, such as stir-fried crab with Malaysian curry (158RMB) and oxtail stewed in red wine sauce (58RMB). Breads include sweet crispy Paratha (20RMB), with soups such as the spicy and sour chicken soup with coconut milk (36RMB small, 62RMB large).
There’s plenty of beverages to cool the heat. Heineken, Carlsberg, Tsing Tao and Kingway cost 12RMB – or 18RMB for large bottles of Tsing Tao and Kingway – while basic, non-alcoholic drinks are 8 to 12RMB.

Malay Papa also offers an array of “special drinks,” such as iced cendol (15RMB), a green-and-white concoction that’s popular in SE Asia and made from coconut milk, a rice flour jelly with green food coloring, palm sugar and shaved ice.
From the Guomao stop on the metro’s green, Luobao line – one stop away from the Luohu border – take Exit A directly into King Glory Plaza’s B2 level. Stay on that level to find Malay Papa, which is to the rear of the food court and on the left side when walking into the mall from the metro exit.

So loud!!! (ChinaFoodie)
Great food but this Kingglory food court is a NIGHTMARE. Sometimes I can't handle the noise and crowds. But Malay helps make it bearable, especially with a Tsing Tao or two... ;) And theres always leftovers!

Malay Papa Asian Café
Malay Papa Asian Café Malay Papa Asian Café