Spice Circle
时派圈 印度餐
in the back of Taizi Hotel, in the alley behind Hakka Restaurant and Roma’s,Taizi Rd.Shekou
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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
A dish at Spice Circle Indian restaurant might not feel overly hot on the tongue, but as the seasonings and flavors settle in – like a multi-layered wine – diners can gradually notice the warmth spreading through their body.

That kind of subtlety is indicative of Spice Circle, which through its Indian chefs and management offers true tastes of the cuisine at its Shekou and Luohu restaurants. The Shekou spot opened in June 2009 in back of the Taizi Hotel, in an alley just off Taizi Lu and a few steps from Sea World Square.
The convenient Shekou location is a popular spot for lunch, where patrons – often businesspeople, such as contractors on local building sites – can try Spice Circle’s 65RMB, three-course lunch deal. The deal includes bread, soup and a platter with spicy lamb, seasoned potatoes, chicken, curry and rice, along with a sweet, cinnamon-touched pastry for dessert.
Also open for dinner, Spice Circle’s appetizers include the 35RMB Hara Bhara Kebab, or deep-fried vegetables and potatoes with a spicy mint sauce; the 35RMB Chicken Chaat, or char-grilled chicken cubes, onion, tomato and capsicum with tamarind and mint sauce; and more.

The restaurant bills itself as a “vegetarian paradise,” with entire menu pages dedicated to herbivores. Those options include the 40RMB Dum Aloo Kashmiri, or potato cooked in a blend of Indian spices and flavored with cloves; the 45RMB Kesari Malai Kofta, or saffron-flavored cottage cheese dumplings, stuffed with dry fruits and “finished in rich gravy;” 35RMB Makai Palak, or spinach and corn in Indian herbs with cream; and many basmati rice dishes and Indian breads.
There’s plenty for carnivores, too. Lamb, chicken and fish choices are many. A great choice for a group is the 150RMB Tandoori Platter, an assortment of kebabs featuring fish and chicken tikka (“tikka” means bits, or chunks). Most meat dishes cost from 50 to 90RMB. Spice Circle touts its Handi Dhaniya Murgh, or chicken cooked with coriander and served in a clay pot, for 98RMB.

Diners in the relaxed atmosphere might hear soft sitar on the restaurant’s speakers or cricket matches on its television. Spice Circle’s Luohu location is on the first floor of the Tian Jun Mansion on Dongmen South Lu.

Spice Circle
Spice Circle Spice Circle