Pokok Kelapa Melayu
B1-B1, Coco Park shopping center, Futian
福田区购物公园星河COCO PARK B1-B1C088号
0755 8202 3633
0755 8202 3636, 8202 3638
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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
No matter what you order in Pokok Kelapa Melayu, a southeast Asian restaurant in Futian’s Coco Park shopping mall, you can pretty much guarantee the flavor will be intense.

Whether it’s the searingly spicy, 68RMB Sambal Paste Fried Satong – squid, red peppers, onions and “Asian spicy sauce” – the puckeringly sour, 26RMB lime ice soda or the syrupy sweet, 29RMB Triple Color Mixed Sago fruit dessert, your taste buds will be buzzing.

That’s no surprise at a restaurant that features Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. Pokok prides itself on offering an authentic cultural experience, which is reflected in the restaurant’s natural-feeling décor and immense variety of meals – the menu is massive and insists upon multiple visits.

Try the 58RMB pork salad with melon, tomato, lemongrass, hot pepper and green lemon, or the 88RMB steam chinlin fish featuring perch with lemon leaf, Thai coriander and more hot pepper.
Pokok also offers 188RMB Hot and Sour Shark Fin in a clay pot with lily flowers, straw mushrooms, bean sprouts, lemon seasonings and Thai coriander.
Soups include the 58RMB Malaysian Steam Coconut Chicken Soup, with ingredients including “many kinds of raw materials for medicine.”

Whatever your choice, go hungry and be prepared for bold flavors.
Pokok Kelapa Melayu is located on the ground floor of Coco Park’s outdoor courtyard, across from Cold Stone Creamery and directly at the bottom of the escalators.

DIGESTIF: Sago, featured in several of Pokok Kelapa Melayu’s desserts, is a starch extracted from the pith of tropical palm stems. Sago often is rolled into balls similar to tapioca pearls. In Pokok’s Triple Color Mixed Sago dessert, the sago is tiny, translucent pearls floating in the sugary juices of the kiwi, mango and melon – more of a flavor enhancer than a flavor itself. Sago is a staple food in some regions of Indonesia.

Pokok Kelapa Melayu
Pokok Kelapa Melayu