Lijia Korea Restaurant
Get There: As you’re walking into Shekou’s Sea World Square from Taizi Lu, find Korea Dining on your left, just past Grissini House and before turning the corner toward Raindrops Café. Look for the distinctive, red neon bull’s head logo.
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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Korea Dining stands out among the city’s Korean restaurants because of its quiet ambience and intimate feel — despite its location in Shekou’s bustling, noisy Sea World Square. The clean, understated restaurant has tasteful decor and an interesting selection of Asian modern art on the walls. Simply put, it’s a nice place to take a date — just stay away from the fresh garlic.

The meal starts with standard cold dishes including kimchi, sprouts, pickled daikon and cold spinach with sesame seeds. For main dishes, of course, barbecued meat and seafood are the primary fare. It’s no secret that Korea Dining is a meat-lover’s paradise. Go for the boneless beef short ribs, with Wagyu-esque marbling, for 198RMB, or try the 98RMB beef shoulder if you prefer a leaner cut. The wu hua rou is great choice, either plain or marinated in kimchi sauce.

Seafood selections include shrimp, oyster, or a mixed seafood plate. Diners can do the grilling themselves, at table, or staff will grill in the kitchen for more formal dining. As is customary for Korean food, meat is eaten wrapped in fresh lettuce with savory sauce, peppers and raw garlic for the brave.

Follow the meat course with the fried pork and kim chi for 48RMB. The 68RMB seafood pancake is a unique flavor dipped in soy and sesame. Finally, try the Korean rice casserole for 38RMB and dig deep to scrape the crispy rice off the bottom of the cast iron pot.

Wash it all down with an ice-cold soju – a slightly sweet, distilled drink that’s native to Korea and comparable to vodka. Draught Asahi is available by the pitcher.

Lijia Korea Restaurant
Lijia Korea Restaurant Lijia Korea Restaurant Lijia Korea Restaurant