Venue list

Mama’s Kebabs / Pizzeria / Bar (Shekou)  Mama’s 地中海风味餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Owned and operated by the same management team as The Terrace, Mama’s is a great Shekou spot for fast, casual Western food including pizzas, bacon-and-egg breakfasts and grab-and-go lunch items, such as paninis. The 68 RMB English Breakfast includes bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, a hash brown and...

Awakening Vegetarian Restaurant  唤觉生态餐厅
Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Vegetarian? In Shenzhen? Do not despair. Welcome to Awakening, where food is meatless, healthy, attractively displayed and served with beaming smiles. Awakening is a small place with simple, unpretentious decoration, tucked away in Futian’s Che Gong Miao area. The restaurant also has a...

Sorelle Café  芭啦芭啦
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
After opening in November, Sorelle Café became another of the numerous coffee houses and eateries along Wanhai Road in Shekou’s Rose Garden area – but even among the many, Sorelle distinguishes itself with memorable pizzas, a pleasant atmosphere and a wide-ranging Western menu that includes...

Spring  越南春天
My favorite pho! (ChinaFoodie)
Never had a bad meal at Spring. It's the best Vietnamese in Shenzhen. Luv to go here after shopping!

Roasters  西式农庄
Kids fav! (ChinaFoodie)
My little ones LOVE Roasters. They get to have mac'n'cheese and all the seconds they want. Great family feel in the daytime.

Malay Papa Asian Café
So loud!!! (ChinaFoodie)
Great food but this Kingglory food court is a NIGHTMARE. Sometimes I can't handle the noise and crowds. But Malay helps make it bearable, especially with a Tsing Tao or two... ;) And theres always leftovers!

Emily’s Café  艾米丽的咖啡店
Girl time! (ChinaFoodie)
The girls and I meet here all the time with the kids. They can run around out front while we chat. Yay, smoothies!

Shanghainese Restaurant  上海老站
Not the best (ChinaFoodie)
Don't know what Mike Lawrence is talking about here. This place is not very good. U can do much better in Kingkey, even with American food.

Thai Amarin
I'm addicted (ChinaFoodie)
I get carry-out from Thai Amarin at least once a week. The salads are fantastic, especially when my kids are whining and I don't feel like cooking!

Romulus Ristorante Italiano
Slow start? (ChinaFoodie)
Noticed that this place cut hours right after opening. But walked by the other night and saw pretty good crowd. Maybe its catching on. Hope so. Good food, friendly staff.

NYPD – New York Pizza Delivery
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Located in a corner spot of the Central Walk mall in Futian’s Central Business District, NYPD doesn’t have indoor seating, vinyl booths or frills. There’s a counter for orders, a few wobbly tables along the mall’s exterior walkway and little else. It’s fair to say the pizza joint is a...

Xinjiang Silk Road Fast Food  新疆丝绸之路快餐
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
It’s easy for visitors unfamiliar with the territory to disregard the many sidewalk-filling eateries scattered along Shenzhen streetsides, characterized by plastic chairs, open kitchens and simple tables. Don’t disregard Xinjiang Silk Road Fast Food. The Luohu eatery, which dominates...

South Beauty Club  俏江南
Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Its name might not conjure up the image of a gourmet Sichuan restaurant, but South Beauty Club is exactly that. Located just behind the mushroom-shaped building in Nanshan’s new OCT Bay development in Nanshan, South Beauty Club is a place to bring locals you’d like to impress with your...

Red Brick House Country Bar  红砖房乡村酒馆
Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Red Brick House Country Bar is a quaint, cozy little Nanshan restaurant that serves spicy dishes from Hunan and Jiangxi provinces in southeastern China. A distinguishing feature of Red Brick House, one of scores of Hunan restaurants across Shenzhen, is its assurance that the restaurant’s...

Kamii Restaurant  上井日本餐厅
Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Kamii Japanese restaurants are very well known in China, with locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In Shenzhen, Kamii restaurants are a shopping center staple, found in Nanshan’s Kingkey Banner, Futian’s Central Walk and Luohu’s Kinglory Plaza. Our international...

Ahava Israeli Restaurant  啊哈哇餐厅
Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Add Israeli food to the ever-expanding list of international cuisines that can be found in Shekou’s Sea World Square. After opening early in 2011, Ahava Israeli Restaurant moved to Sea World later in the year and is continuing to earn praise at its new location. Chef Yotam is from Israel...

Hotpot Republic  千味涮
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Let’s all take a moment to give thanks and praise to hotpot, that wonderful, bubbling concoction perfect for inspiring creativity at the table and warming the stomach on a cool winter day. Found in several shopping centers across the city, Hotpot Republic is a notable, quality example of...

Punjabi Indian Cuisine  本杰比印度料理
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Punjabi Indian Cuisine is a great place for a tasty, spicy lunch or dinner in a friendly atmosphere amid a bustling hotel and commercial area in Luohu, on the city’s east side. In the basement of the Jinhu Hotel, Punjabi Indian Cuisine’s Shenzhen location is one of seven restaurants across...

Atmosphere  氛围
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Atmosphere has plenty of it. With a stage for live jazz; a hip, coffeehouse interior with couches, funky art on the walls and tables where people play cards or work on laptops; and fine dining on outdoor seating beneath the Peninsula highrises, the Shekou restaurant and music venue is many...

Fu Rong Wang  芙蓉王
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
There’s no better way to write about Furong Lou, which offers fiery Hunan cuisine in Nanshan, than the first person. Because I didn’t know what “spicy” was until two friends brought me there for lunch one day. And the funny part was that as I was sitting there, sweating my face off...

Captain’s Bar  船长酒吧
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Located next to a lighthouse at the end of a wooden boardwalk, the nautical-themed Captain’s Bar is a fitting complement to the public waterfront in Shekou’s Peninsula development. Just steps from the bar and restaurant, which features seafood and barbecue fare, fishermen drop long lines...

Taste Restaurant & Bar  寻味阁
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Amid the ceaseless clamor of sales pitches, pleas and propositions in Luohu Commercial City at the Hong Kong crossing, overwhelmed shoppers can find a respite at Taste Restaurant & Bar on the third floor. Walking into Taste provides an immediate counterbalance to the shopping center’s...

Mevlana Turkish Restaurant  土耳其餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
The last dishes served at Mevlana Turkish Restaurant are worth mentioning first. In other words, the desserts are fantastic. The restaurant in Futian’s Hua Qiang Bei area ends its meals in style, with rich offerings including kesme maras dondurmasi kakaolu (30RMB), or ice-cold Turkish...

Coffee Garden  咖啡苑
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
If you’ve got an hour at the Luohu border and need a meal or caffeine fix while waiting for a bus, train or trip to Hong Kong, try the Coffee Garden restaurant on the second floor of the Shangri-La Hotel. Coffee Garden is an expansive, comfortable restaurant with a bright interior, big,...

Gaucho Garden Grill  花园巴西烤肉
Great chocolate cake (still-will)
Staff is not super friendly. The grilled meat is good. The buffet is hit and miss - weird salads, great deserts. All in, the best of the Brazilian BBQ options in Shekou.

Rasa-Sayang  南洋一号
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Go to Rasa-Sayang with a group and go hungry. The Malaysian restaurant in Shekou’s Sea World Square has an extensive menu filled with meat, seafood, rice, curry and noodle dishes that are very shareable, begging to be sampled and passed around the table. Keep a handkerchief or napkin...

Backstube German Bakery
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
If you feel like a croissant in the morning, have a sweet-tooth cookie hankering in the afternoon or need a loaf of French bread for dinner at night, try Backstube German Bakery on Shekou’s Rose Garden strip. Backstube’s broad offerings also include sandwiches, sausages, Western breakfasts...

Gold Coast Restaurant  黄金海岸餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
When Christopher Burton talks about his restaurant’s pies, he’s not talking about apple or peach. He’s talking about main courses such as steak and kidney (90RMB), minced beef and onion (80RMB), and chicken and mushroom (80RMB). The homemade pies are a specialty of Gold Coast...

Stone Grill  石烧牛扒
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Stone Grill, a steak-specializing restaurant in Futian’s Central Walk shopping center, is named very literally. If you order one of the many steak options on the menu, which features Canadian and Australian rib eyes, tenderloins and sirloins, it’s served to you raw, with a hot stone grill...

Tasca Spanish Tapas Restaurant  塔斯卡西班牙风味餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
In a Shekou block that also houses Hakka, Italian and Indian cuisine, Tasca carries the flag for Spain at the end of an alley behind the Taizi Hotel. That’s not figurative speech, either – the red and yellow stripes fly from a corner of the Spanish tapas restaurant’s roof. The pride and...

The Terrace  露台咖啡音乐酒吧餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
This review is for the first 30 seconds in which new visitors to Shekou might not have heard of The Terrace. Occupying a broad indoor and outdoor, second-level swath above Starbucks in Sea World Square, festivities at The Terrace can begin with happy hour and end with dancing to nightly live...

La Terrazza
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
The Grand Hyatt Shenzhen in Luohu offers a wealth of upscale restaurant options on its 32nd floor and above, but for an excellent Italian meal, diners need look no higher than floor No. 1. The acclaimed La Terrazza has a high-ceilinged, chandeliered elegance that’s offset by simple wood...

Spice Circle  时派圈 印度餐
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
A dish at Spice Circle Indian restaurant might not feel overly hot on the tongue, but as the seasonings and flavors settle in – like a multi-layered wine – diners can gradually notice the warmth spreading through their body. That kind of subtlety is indicative of Spice Circle, which...

The Istanbul Restaurant  伊斯坦布尔餐厅
Istanbul restaurant (Bebek)
If you miss home food it is ok restraunt but not like really Turkey food but ok. I like kuzu but ekmek not good.

Chinese Halal Noodles  中国清真方便面
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Chinese Halal Noodles in Shekou, close to Sea World Square, is one of the best of the ubiquitous Muslim noodle joints around the city. A family from the Northwest China province of Qinghai runs the restaurant, which is a Shekou fixture for locals and foreigners alike and the best place on this...

Pokok Kelapa Melayu  大马椰林新加坡餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
No matter what you order in Pokok Kelapa Melayu, a southeast Asian restaurant in Futian’s Coco Park shopping mall, you can pretty much guarantee the flavor will be intense. Whether it’s the searingly spicy, 68RMB Sambal Paste Fried Satong – squid, red peppers, onions and “Asian spicy...

Vietnamese Noodle Soup  越南西贡河粉
Fantastic (still-will)
I dream about the cabbage and chicken salad.

McCawley’s Irish Bar and Restaurant (Seaworld Square)  麦卡利爱尔兰酒吧餐厅(蛇口店)
Great burger (still-will)
Definitely the best burger in Shekou. Maybe the best in south China.

Grissini House  Grissini意大利餐厅
Mixed (still-will)
Food was great. But half the menu was not available. Service was great, but we checked the bill at the end of the night and there was some stuff there we had not ordered.

The Top  顶部
Least appreciated spot in Shekou (still-will)
The food is great. The Italian owner is cool. Decoration is clean and relaxed. But apparently because of the elevator ride, it is always empty. I love this place.

LSD  迷幻剂
All style, little substance (still-will)
The Western food seems made from pictures. Everyone else there was eating from the Sichuan menu and seemed to be enjoying it. But my God the suffle is good.

Le Bistro
Average (still-will)
Friends recommended we go, said the place is great. The tapas plate starter was interesting - the bread was under-cooked, the shrimp was over-cooked, the "chorizo" was cold sliced pepperoni. The coq au vin was dry. Apparently the steaks are good. If I give them a second chance, it will be...

Thai Element  泰元素
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Shenzhen proves time and again that diners who disdain mall eateries will miss out on some great food, such as the fare at Thai Element in Nanshan’s Coastal City. Found on the main, second-floor outdoor plaza, with a view of the shopping center’s signature white sculpture along the walkway,...

Jordan’s  卓登士
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
An expat working on a laptop at 4 p.m. on a Tuesday, talking business on a cell phone and idly smoking a hookah while sipping beer at an outdoor table, would not be an unusual sight at Jordan’s bar and restaurant in Shekou’s Rose Garden area. That kind of multi-use customer, in fact, is...

Milano Italian Restaurant  米兰意大利餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
When trying an Italian restaurant for the first time, especially when that restaurant is about 9,000 kilometers from Italy, it’s a good sign to hear Italian voices at other tables. It indicates the restaurant is where expatriates from “Il Bel Paese” — The Beautiful Country — go for...

Chopper’s Saloon  牛刀的轿车
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
There are late afternoon bars, evening bars and primetime, Friday night at 11 bars. There are sports bars, sexpat dating bars and business networking bars. And then there’s Chopper’s Saloon, which is none of those things. Chopper’s is a drinkers’ bar. It says so right on the booze...

Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
An upscale Sea World staple with a Moroccan flair, Gypsys Wine Bar and Restaurant is a long-trusted standby for business dinners, the dating crowd and a steady stream of expatriates coming in after the workday. With soft music, dim lighting and a tan-and-rust-colored interior, Gypsys is...

Hakka Restaurant  客家菜馆
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
The Hakka — whose name means “guest” in Chinese — are a minority group spread throughout southern China. Little known outside of the country, Hakka cuisine is based on simple ingredients; savory, textured dishes; slow-cooked, tender meats; and light touches of spice. Those traits make...

Lijia Korea Restaurant  里佳韩国料理
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Korea Dining stands out among the city’s Korean restaurants because of its quiet ambience and intimate feel — despite its location in Shekou’s bustling, noisy Sea World Square. The clean, understated restaurant has tasteful decor and an interesting selection of Asian modern art on the...

My Noodle  我的面
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Noodle pullers at My Noodle in Nanshan’s OCT Loft art district, should they ever want a change of scenery, could try their hand throwing ropes in an American rodeo — or, maybe, spinning circles in a jump rope contest. But why would they ever want to quit their day job? The way My Noodle...

Trattoria Italiana Da Angelo  达安杰洛意大利餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Trattoria Italiana Da Angelo is a masterful, Italian-owned and -operated restaurant that takes diners from Shekou’s Taizi Plaza straight to the heart of Italy. Tuscan-style décor, dim lighting and Italian-inspired music give diners a transportive feeling that is only heightened by the food....

Tequila Coyote’s Cantina (Shekou)
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Head chef Juan Nieto offers some of the very best, most authentic Mexican food in Shenzhen at Tequila Coyote’s Cantina. The restaurant has locations in Shekou’s Sea World Square and adjoining Futian’s Coco Park, with weekend breakfasts, lunch buffet deals and dinners including fantastic...

The Kitchen Restaurant
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
The Kitchen, quite simply, is one of the best restaurants in Shenzhen, serving food on par with top-starred restaurants in the West. Squeezed into a small gap between the nightclubs of Coco Park North and furnished with red and black leather and neon minimalism, The Kitchen is a welcome...

La Casa Restaurant and Bar  悦坊西餐酒吧
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
La Casa is one of the coolest little bars in Shenzhen. Nestled amongst the brash, gaudy nightclubs of Futian’s Coco Park, La Casa offers a truly unique dining experience. The bar has a rustic, almost Mediterranean, feel and is far more popular than its diminutive size would suggest. Many...

McCawley’s Irish Bar and Restaurant (Coco Park)  麦卡利爱尔兰酒吧餐厅(福田购物公园店)
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
McCawley’s is a veritable institution for Shenzhen expats. With locations in Shekou and Coco Park, McCawley’s boasts one of the most authentic pub environments in the city. The menu is widely varied: burgers, gourmet pizza, pasta and steaks abound, but McCawley’s comes into its own with its...