Coko Club
Haide Plaza, Coastal City, Wenxin 5th Road, Nanshan
0775 2598 9998

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Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
Don’t let the name confuse you. This bar is neither in Coco Park, nor is it a club. Coko Club, a notable drinkery in Nanshan’s Coastal City, sticks out on the shopping center’s bar street, a strip of largely formulaic bars that seem to have been plonked down almost as an afterthought by Coastal City developers. Luckily, Coko Club makes the afterthought– and a visit – worthwhile.

Though you might not believe it, the bar has one of the largest selections of imported beers in Nanshan, if not all Shenzhen. Boddingtons, London Pride, Leffe, Newcastle Brown Ale, Strongbow cider and more selections from America, Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Boddingtons costs 45RMB and standard cocktails average 55RMB. Tiger beer is a cheaper option at 30RMB. Coko Club has a decent pool table and comfortable, cushioned seating areas for lounging. Surprisingly good pizza is available from Mama’s next door (Margherita style costs 60RMB, pepperoni costs 75RMB, for example).

Coko Club
Coko Club