Kexueguan Futian Kingway Beer Gardens
(Exit D, Kexueguan Metro), Shangbu Road, Futian District
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Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
Situated directly across the road from the Citic City Plaza shopping mall and one metro stop on the Luobao line from Huaqiangbei, the Kingway Beer Gardens in Futian are the place to go for a taste of authentic China beer without having to venture out of the SEZ.

The Futian beer gardens are an increasingly popular choice for locals, foreigners and foreigners trying hard to act like locals. The gardens are accessed directly from exit D of the Kexueguan metro station and occupy an attractive sunken area below road-level, just outside a maze of underground boutiques. The giant screen pinned to the wall often displays a haphazard array of sports features. Staff members speak little English, but everyone is attentive and customers are provided with plenty of picture menus to leaf through.

A pitcher of Kingway goes for 18 RMB and a pint is 8 RMB. The food is hugely varied. Starting from 3 RMB, the beer gardens offer individual plates of vegetables, meat-sticks and steamed bread. Huge noodle dishes and even larger stir frys fly out of the steaming kitchens and onto tables within minutes of ordering. The prices are reason enough to visit and the authentic local atmosphere seals the deal.

Metro Stop Clarification (JRK)
It's actually on the Metro Maps as "Science Museum". It's easy to find and is great value for money! Why do we go get ripped off in Western Style places when we can pay a quarter of those prices in places like this?

Kexueguan Futian Kingway Beer Gardens