Bill & Helen’s Bar
Taizi Hotel, No. 5 Taizi Rd., Shekou
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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
If you’re sitting in Bill & Helen’s Bar and ask if there’s a food menu, Bill will politely tell you they don’t have a kitchen – but hope to add one someday, maybe – then he’ll offer you chicken skewers from his own dinner.

It’s that kind of place.

One of the friendliest and most welcoming spots in Shekou, Bill & Helen’s Bar is located on the ground floor of the Taizi Hotel. Access it through the hotel lobby, on Taizi Lu across from Bank of China’s Sea World location, or via Tasca restaurant around back, down the alley behind Hakka Restaurant and Roma’s.

Native Hong Kongers Bill Leung and Helen Ching have owned and operated the cozy watering hole since 2003. Their bar is open from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily, unless, Bill said, they’re closed for a customer’s birthday or other reason for a private party.
The bar can accommodate about 30 people comfortably, has two dartboards – darts are serious business at Bill & Helen’s – and offers table soccer.

Carlsberg is on tap (30RMB). Imported beers such as Boddington’s and London Pride go for 45 to 50RMB. Most simple cocktails cost 28RMB and single-malt whiskey ranges from 45 to 85RMB.

Asked what sets their bar apart, Bill said simply: “It’s quieter. You can talk.”
That’s very true. While tall speakers above the bar offer potential for loud music, blaring bass is hardly ever the case. Most often, Bill & Helen’s keeps the volume low enough to easily facilitate conversation among the bar’s loyal customers and new friends.

And don’t worry – if you go in hungry, you don’t need to eat Bill’s dinner. Call for delivery from NYPD pizza, order select items from Tasca’s Spanish menu next door, or bring in your own food.

Bill & Helen’s Bar is cash only and offers free wi-fi access.

The local bodega (still-will)
Looks like a local bar in some run down US factory town. Clientele to match. They are curiously quick to push the fancy cocktails, but not great at making them - the margarita mix comes from a plastic jug.

Bill is very friendly. He gives the impression of having spent the last 20 years anxiously waiting for the next Cheech and Chong movie.

Bill and Helen are great!!! (ChinaFoodie)
Don't be mean, "still-will!" Bill and Helen are great and run a fantastic bar. Luv you guys!!!

Bill & Helen’s Bar
Bill & Helen’s Bar