Aulon Wine Bar
Shop 32, Coastal Rose Garden, Phase 2, Wanghai Road, Shekou
0755 2688 3381

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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Everything about Shekou’s Aulon Wine Bar says comfort and enjoyment.
The plush couches and chairs; the numerous seating areas aligned for conversation; the multiple floors and rooms, to encourage gatherings; the expansive food menu; and, of course, the broad selection of Australian wines — all create an atmosphere that’s like a continual deep breath.

There’s plenty to enjoy in the finely crafted setting.
Wines from across southern and central Australia are sold at a wholesale price for those who carry the bottle out, and at a retail price for those who drink at Aulon. Some bottles offer servings by the glass, usually for 40 to 60RMB. Bottle prices can range from about 100RMB to more than 1,000RMB wholesale. Prices increase for retail purchases.

The wine menu includes descriptions of each bottle. Check with the staff to make sure a choice is available – inventory can shift.
On a November night, a 39RMB glass of the house red – also subject to change – revealed a deep, lusty, plum-like flavor that was entirely satisfying.
Aulon’s hosts wine tastings and events, as well. Check the website,, for the latest news.

The food menu includes all-day breakfasts, snacks, sandwiches, meat and pasta main courses, and more. A morning highlight is the 56RMB Israeli Breakfast, with two eggs, Israeli salad, bagel, cheese, olives and jam, with coffee or juice. Aulon offers set lunches from noon to 5 p.m. for 60 or 80RMB, depending on courses, and a set BBQ dinner from 5 to 11 p.m., for 90 to 148RMB. Pizzas come in 8- or 12-inch sizes and are priced from 62 to 82RMB.

Off the set menu, main course options include a 64RMB grilled pork chop with onion sauce, a 98RMB salmon steak and a 16-oz. grilled beef tenderloin for 152RMB, for example.

For those who forego the wine, Tsing Tao and Bud cost 18RMB, imported beers cost 32 RMB and simple cocktails generally range from 32 to 48RMB.
Aulon also offers catering services, and food delivery from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
The wine bar’s relaxing feel is evident in the substantial piles of English-language paperbacks along a back wall – those who find a book they like can simply sign their name in a notebook to borrow the book and take it home.

Aulon Wine Bar
Aulon Wine Bar Aulon Wine Bar