Galleon Bar, Restaurant and Micro Brewery
Intercontinental Shenzhen, 9009 Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen
0755 3399 3388 8521/8522
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Devin Licastro (more shenzhen)
There is something about pirates and bars that just goes together, and the theme is played to the hilt at the Galleon Bar and Restaurant in Nanshan’s InterContinental Shenzhen hotel.

Staged in the InterContinental’s massive pirate ship, a double-sized replica of the historic Santa Maria, the Galleon is a sight to behold. Equipped with everything from masts and sails to an animatronic pirate who drinks on the starboard rail, the Galleon holds fast to its theme — patrons might find themselves glancing around nervously for the plank. But mixed with all the pirate personality is an air of class and luxury for Galleon guests. The inside of the ship features a dance floor, DJ and seven-piece live band from the UK. The band brings the crowd to the dance floor amidst an array of ropes, barrels, treasure chests and slightly unsettling, wall-mounted shark decorations.

Outside, four beautiful waterside patios, sprinkled with palm trees and warm lighting, provide quiet areas to drink and relax. The private upper decks of the ship can be reserved for special events starting at about 350RMB per person.

One of the strongest features of the Galleon is its home-brewed beer, a relative rarity in China. (Leave it to pirates to innovate with alcohol.) The brewery features two German beers, the Rubia Blonde and the Rubia Blanca, each at 50RMB per pint. A special, dark beer is slated to arrive around Christmas. With German-imported hops, the beers are strong, refined and delicious. Made with a top fermenting yeast process, the Blanca is especially flavorful. As an example of liquor prices, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s costs 680RMB.

Along with burger and sandwich options, the open kitchen serves well-done small plates including squid, crab, antipasto and more. With its international drink selection and upscale atmosphere, the Galleon primarily attracts a cheerful, well-dressed crowd of foreign professionals, looking for a little fun away from the ordinary.

Galleon Bar, Restaurant and Micro Brewery
Galleon Bar, Restaurant and Micro Brewery