Yi Du Tang
F3, Creative Park, OCT Loft, Nanshan
0755 8610 6046
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Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
I Du Tang is the premier live music and performance venue of Nanshan’s OCT Loft arts district, with a regular slate of shows in a broad variety of styles.

The spacious, multi-floored building also has a full-service bar, several large and secluded rooms for gatherings, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating and a food menu featuring traditional bar snacks and an array of light Italian dishes.

Parma ham with melon costs 48RMB, for example, and an Italian cold cut plate costs 88RMB. Highlighting the menu are the thin-crust pizzas, priced from 60RMB to 98 RMB. A tasty option for meat lovers is the 80RMB Speck pizza, which is what it says: wide slabs of Speck ham splayed over the top of tomato sauce and mozzarella. I Du Tang isn’t shy about putting big toppings on its pizza — the 90RMB Francese offers hearty wedges of brie with sliced tomatoes atop the sauce.

We also recommend the grilled chicken satay with peanut sauce and cucumber salad, with six pieces for 38RMB or 12 for 60RMB. For Western-style bar snacks, selections include chicken nuggets with French fries for 28RMB and deep-fried onion rings for the same price.

The variety of the menu reflects the variety of the establishment: I Du Tang is a hub at heart, with a clientele that changes throughout the day. In the early afternoon, diners might sit beside families enjoying a meal while children play on the promenade, late afternoon might bring artsy strollers and gallery-goers in for happy hour and, as evening falls, the scene transforms into a bar crowd enjoying I Du Tang’s slate of cocktails and extensive German beer list, likely while listening to live music from the back-room stage. I Du Tang also is an occasional wedding venue.
Some live performances will have a cover charge, but it’s not a necessity for the frugal-minded. Patrons can easily hear the music from the bar area without paying for back-room access.

Check for a schedule of upcoming performances. Note that the site’s English translation is somewhat limited.

Yi Du Tang
Yi Du Tang