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Rapscallions Café Bar, Coco Park
Coco Park North, Min Tian Road, Futian
0755 8359 7131

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Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
By sticking closely to its mission statement, Rapscallions Café Bar — whose tagline is “Foodies of the World Unite” — has managed to carve out quite a name for itself in the few months since it opened. Situated centrally in Coco Park, Rapscallions serves its foodies in a picturesque atmosphere, with one of the best rooftop bars this side of the Hong Kong border.
Catering largely to businesspeople from Futian’s CBD and nearby office buildings, Rapscallions offers elegant starters including baba ghanoush for 45RMB, brie with hearty bread slices, and more. Salad options include the pear and bleu cheese plate, with toasted cashews and honey vinaigrette, for 68RMB. Rapscallions’ 115RMB pizzas are topped with eclectic ingredients such as Parma ham and garlic spinach. The bar also serves an excellent cheeseburger, making the most of a staple meal that some restaurants take lightly.
Tiger draughts cost 25RMB, there’s a lengthy wine list and one of the best daiquiris in Shenzhen for 70RMB. Simple cocktails generally are 35 or 40RMB.
After dinner hours, Rapscallions can transform into a relaxed late-night spot that’s a respite from the pulsating bass of nearby clubs. The bar draws a somewhat older, 30-something crowd that’s there to drink and talk rather than dance in a meat market. People reading a book at the bar is not uncommon during quieter hours.

Cool place (still-will)
Friendly atmosphere, cold drinks. Nice owners. Standard mix of expat social deviants and the Futian business crowd.

Rapscallions Café Bar, Coco Park
Rapscallions Café Bar, Coco Park