Venue list

Kexueguan Futian Kingway Beer Gardens  福田金威啤酒花园
Metro Stop Clarification (JRK)
It's actually on the Metro Maps as "Science Museum". It's easy to find and is great value for money! Why do we go get ripped off in Western Style places when we can pay a quarter of those prices in places like this?

Bill & Helen’s Bar
Bill and Helen are great!!! (ChinaFoodie)
Don't be mean, "still-will!" Bill and Helen are great and run a fantastic bar. Luv you guys!!!

Rapscallions Café Bar, Coco Park
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
By sticking closely to its mission statement, Rapscallions Café Bar — whose tagline is “Foodies of the World Unite” — has managed to carve out quite a name for itself in the few months since it opened. Situated centrally in Coco Park, Rapscallions serves its foodies in a picturesque...

Cheers Wine Cellar  干杯葡萄酒酒窖
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
After wandering around the galleries, high-end furniture stores and artsy attractions of OCT Lofts – or before the wandering, for the particularly thirsty – Cheers Wine Cellar is a wonderful place to take a break and sip fine wine in a leafy, relaxing setting. The establishment also is a...

Senor Frog's  绿蛙先生
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Senor Frog’s is a lively, Mexican-themed hotspot in Shekou's Rose Garden area, with a crowd that fills the outdoor seating area like moths around a flame on Friday and Saturday nights. Pop and rock hits pump out of speakers, Tiger and Carlsberg flows from taps and pick-up lines are tried,...

Coko Club  酷客吧
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
Don’t let the name confuse you. This bar is neither in Coco Park, nor is it a club. Coko Club, a notable drinkery in Nanshan’s Coastal City, sticks out on the shopping center’s bar street, a strip of largely formulaic bars that seem to have been plonked down almost as an afterthought by...

Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
O!Garden is one of the newest additions to Coco Park entertainment area and draws frequent, heavy crowds of young, multi-national professionals. Atop the north side of the shopping centre, the up-tempo roof spot is a cross between a purple-lit nightclub, swanky bar and stylish garden. Take...

The Tavern  旅舍
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
The Tavern offers all-you-can-drink Tiger drafts for 120RMB on weekdays, has a pool table and dartboard, a stone floor, a sign advising any woman tired of her husband to “leave him here,” a slew of dedicated regulars who even show up on Tuesday nights and a stripper pole by the entrance,...

The Snake Pit Bar  蛇坑吧
Escape (still-will)
Pretty much sums up the Shekou Zeitgeist: as far away from China as you can possibly get while still being in China.

Havana Bar  哈瓦那酒吧
Blah (still-will)
Over-sized velvet seats, generic Filipino band singing over canned percussion, expensive drinks, empty except for a few tables of traveling business men, great view of the lobby. Just when you think it can't get any better, the table next to you gets up and starts belting out karaoke duets with...

Mix Café & Bar
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Mix Café & Bar is something of an oasis amid the blur and bluster of Futian’s Shopping Park entertainment district, across the street from the Coco Park mall. Stepping into Mix is like closing a window over a noisy street – a sudden, welcoming reduction in noise and traffic. Adjoining...

Q Club
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Like the ‘80s arcade game Q*Bert, where the on-screen character jumps frenetically from one cube to another, socializers and partyers bounce in and out of the Q Club as they mingle through the overlapping bars of Futian’s Shopping Park. The bass-thumping pulse of the Coco Park...

X-TA-SEA Sports Bar
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Situated at the prow of the Minghua Ship adjoining Shekou’s Sea World Square, X-TA-SEA Sports Bar offers a relaxed, working-class atmosphere, quality pub food and traditional Bar Olympiad events such as pool, darts and foosball. The jewel in the bar’s crown, though, is arguably the best house...

Aulon Wine Bar
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Everything about Shekou’s Aulon Wine Bar says comfort and enjoyment. The plush couches and chairs; the numerous seating areas aligned for conversation; the multiple floors and rooms, to encourage gatherings; the expansive food menu; and, of course, the broad selection of Australian wines —...

Changpoo Tree
Great for drinks, avoid the food (still-will)
This is the best place in the Lofts for a quiet beer. Just don't order the food - disaster.

Galleon Bar, Restaurant and Micro Brewery  帆船酒吧
Devin Licastro (more shenzhen)
There is something about pirates and bars that just goes together, and the theme is played to the hilt at the Galleon Bar and Restaurant in Nanshan’s InterContinental Shenzhen hotel. Staged in the InterContinental’s massive pirate ship, a double-sized replica of the historic Santa Maria,...

Devin Licastro (more shenzhen)
Nanshan’s V-Bar simultaneously offers a wild, dance-‘til-you-drop club scene and one of the most relaxing lounge areas around. Set in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, V-Bar’s upscale interior has a clean, modern look with an unobstructed dance floor surrounding its large, circular bar. The stage...

True Color  本色
Devin Licastro (more shenzhen)
With a casual, dark-lounge atmosphere, True Color’s chief attraction is its live music. The nightly house band is a male/female duet with talent on the keyboard and guitar and impressive voices. They play a selection of Chinese and English songs ranging from jazz to covers of Coldplay and...

Suzy’s Lounge Bar
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Some bars show what they are right up front, so people can tell what’s inside while walking by. Many sports bars, Irish pubs and German beer halls are like that. But other bars, like the very fun, “retro chic” Suzy’s Lounge Bar in Nanshan’s Coastal City, are curious enough at first...

Club Viva
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Many of Shenzhen’s best next-morning stories likely involve Club Viva. You know the kind — the meandering, connect-the-dots stories told to roommates while slouching on the couch in a 10 a.m. daze or to friends pounding coffee over a late brunch, between doses of aspirin and long, cold...

Xpats Bar & Lounge
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
The bulletin board has hand-written advertisements for fantasy football leagues. Talk at the bar is about the NBA, or lack thereof, in the 2011-12 season. English-language paperbacks fill a small bookshelf near the kitchen. The beer selection includes Budweiser for Americans, VB and Coopers for...

Cheers  干杯
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
On a Friday night at Cheers, young professionals might sit beside parents lingering over meals while children play in the family-friendly Shekou bar and restaurant. Opened in 2009, Cheers has a bright, clean interior that encourages relaxed conversation and is a welcome contrast to noisier,...

Jazz Garden  爵士花园
Devin Licastro (more shenzhen)
Found in the elegant Window of the World bar district, the Jazz Garden provides one of the liveliest, most enjoyable jazz experiences around. Touting his music venue as being the only “real” jazz bar in all of Guangdong Province, Jazz Garden owner Ray Zhang takes his love for the genre...

Yi Du Tang  一渡堂
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
I Du Tang is the premier live music and performance venue of Nanshan’s OCT Loft arts district, with a regular slate of shows in a broad variety of styles. The spacious, multi-floored building also has a full-service bar, several large and secluded rooms for gatherings, comfortable indoor...

Bao’an Kingway Beer Gardens  宝安金威啤酒广场
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
Many expats rarely venture out of central Futian, but for those willing to make the trek, a truly Chinese experience awaits outside the Xing Dong (兴东) metro station on the Huan Zhong (purple) line. Here, all the way out in Bao’an District, are the Bao’an Kingway Beer Gardens. There are no...